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Power Supplies & Batteries

Where to get the best power supply kits?

Power supply kits and batteries are a must have for your all your surveillance equipment. Getting the best power supply kit is as critical as where you purchase them. We stock some of the best batteries, battery chargers, AC and DC adapters for all cameras, video recorders, audio recorders and microphones. Our stocks are of the highest quality and we offer guarantees on all purchases from our store. Looking for where to buy power supplies? Look no further than swatwomen.com.

How to choose a power supply?

We all know that all our security surveillance equipment require a power source, like adapters and power supply boxes are usually used for these systems. Make sure to choose a system that will be able to support your equipment for long period of time without a charge. As bad power can affect the quality output of your equipment, it is important that you invest in good batteries, stable power box and chargers. We sell the best 9v power supply and we also stock cheap batteries 9v.

What is the use of Professional power supply?

Because of the nature of your surveillance equipment, the standard issued power may not be sufficient for your purpose. It is important to always pack a spare battery or a multipurpose adapter and charger to ensure that you are always on no matter the weather or conditions. To ensure permanence of your equipment, it is important that you ensure that your power supply is adequate for your equipment and your operation. Not matter the equipment; at swatwomen.com we have the best power supplies and batteries that are just right for you.

How to choose the best power supply for you?

Most surveillance equipment has a particular power rating. The rated power of any equipment is the required power for the equipment to function properly.  Depending on your setup, you can determine the amount of extra power and replacement power to setup or carry along. One other very crucial thing is the time needed for a particular power device to charge up. You would want to invest in power devices that will charge up real quickly and batteries that have lithium ion as they are not only very light but can also charge up quite quickly. The lithium-ion covert battery pack is ideal for most use.

To determine the actual adequate power to provide for your device, you should take into consideration, cable consumption and the rated power of the equipment and multiply this by 1.3. This should give you the stable required power.

Precautions to take in choosing the right power supply

Before setting up the system, if you are unsure that you cannot do it on your own, seek professional help. It is always advisable to opt for a professional to do your installation.

Centralizing to one source of power should always be avoided, as when turned on or off during a repair or installation the security system starts to reboot which leads to a large amount of consumption of power and can leave permanent damage to the power supply.

We stock different scalable power solutions for all your needs. You can check out our store for the best and ideal power solution for you.



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