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Animal Repellents

Why Animal Protection?

The basic meaning of self-defense is defending or protecting yourself from any harm or danger intended towards you, and danger can come in any form. At times danger can come to you through human beings and sometimes through animals, although unlike human beings the animals do not mean to harm you intentionally. Nevertheless, it is not always an untamed wild animal that could attack you; sometimes the most domestic of the animals such as a dog may end up attacking you. The question is how to prevent dog attacks, the most domestic of the animals.

If a domestic animal can prove to be dangerous one can just imagine the depth of danger that could come from a wild animal, here on this website we have answers to all these questions such as how to prevent dog attacks? How to survive a wild animal attack? However, most importantly here on this website, we intend to guide you with ways to prevent animal attacks. Queries such as where do I get an animal protection kit? Or where to a buy dog repellent? Or how to purchase a dog repellent would not linger your mind, as on our website, we have many self-defense tools and weapons that will help you deal with animals, whether wild or domestic this will ensure your safety.

Why would an animal attack you?

We have heard the term animal instinct a lot of time, used as a metaphor for someone who does things very incalculably, a very impulsive act. As mentioned above unlike human beings animals do not intend to harm you, it is their instinct and the wilderness in their nature that stirs a notion in the animal to attack you. They might be alarmed by any of your action, to which their instinct might project that they are in danger, and it can justify their self-defense mechanism that makes them attack you.

How to prevent a dog attack?

The dog is the closest member of the canine family to humankind; these canines are blessed with agile bodies, sharp teeth, and sharper senses. If their instinct tells them to attack you, they can cause you some serious damage and at times these damages can prove to be brutal in nature. On our website, we offer you a number of products that can be used as self-defense tools or weapons against a dog attack. Dogs are said to have a sense of sight and hearing four times sharper than a human being, despite their color blindness they can see more accurately and have a night vision. We offer a Mace Canine Repellent that can prove as a dog repellent if sprayed on the face of an attacking dog, it would blind them off completely thus giving you a chance to flee the site. We also Electronic Dog Repellent that would emit ultrasonic sound and LED light which could create a disturbing sound for the canines as their hearing sense is very sharp, and also the direct exposure to the LED light can be troublesome to the dog’s sight and thus mellow down its instinct to attack.

Why would a dog attack you?

Dog, a man’s best friend, a survey says that one out of every third person is a dog lover but at times, a dog may turn out to be someone’s worst nightmare. There can be multiple reasons a dog could attack you, a dog may get over driven by its animal instinct or may see you a danger and just react to its instinct or maybe the dog is trained in a manner to act as a guard dog and has a muscle memory impulse to deal with danger by attacking.

How do I defend myself in the wild?

The wilderness, the forests or the woods are very peaceful; a getaway from the chaos of the metropolis life, but beneath this piece lays the hidden danger of wild animals. We have a list of products such as a Mace Bear Spray or our Alaska Bear Spray which can help you defend yourself from an unwanted attack by a wild animal. Go Explore our products and if you have any queries feel free to drop us a message.



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