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Steel Batons

Why choose a baton? 

In this age where women do not only run along with men but also at times lead the race, women are self-sufficient and self-reliant. Moreover, one of the most important requirements of all is safety, in today’s time, a woman can take care of herself without a doubt. A baton is a classic tool, a club like the object of arm’s length for self-defense. A self defense steel baton is just the perfect pick in this category of batons. Here, on our website, we provide our customers with various Ladies self-defense weapons and if a self defense steel baton is something, you would be interested then we would like to offer you the best collapsible baton as in the 16 inch rubber handle steel baton

Why should I own a self-defense steel baton?

Being a prey to someone else’s ill intention is the worst thing to happen. Owning a self-defense weapon ensures that no matter how ill intended the other person is, you would not fall a prey to that. A baton has been used for centuries by law enforcement and getting things under control. Women today are in control of not only themselves but also various things, may it be the world of commerce or just a foul situation, which may be intended to harm them.

A steel baton is an ideal self-defense weapon, as steel is one of the lightest of the metals and yet is quite resilient and sturdy. Steel being light weight makes is easy to carry, a because it is just of the arm’s size or even less than that thus making the self-defense weapon quite portable.

How can a self-defense steel baton prove to be quite handy?

As mentioned above a self-defense steel baton is portable, like our 21 inch rubber handle steel baton can be carried anywhere and anyhow with ease, steel being one of the sturdiest of the metal, and can have a very effective impact when the space between you and the attacker is quite less. It can injure the person in a way that would leave the person distracted to a point of not being able to react, thus serving its true purpose and ensuring your safety. The impacts of the strike by these self-defense steel batons are excessively adverse it will not only leave the attacker hurt but also will shatter and scare off the impulsion that person had to harm you.

How do I know which self-defense steel baton is ideal for me to buy?

A self-defense steel baton is something you can use not only outdoors but also in the case of indoor intrusion, having said that still a self-defense steel baton is something that proves quite resourceful outdoors. Picking the ideal self-defense steel baton is simple decision narrowed down by various factors such as

  • Real purpose to buy a self-defense steel baton,

  • Working environment,

  • Travel patterns

  • Most importantly what kind of impact do you need on your attacker

Your preference in sense of buying a suitable self-defense steel baton for yourself is directly as well as indirectly relevant to your lifestyle or your way of life.

What are the available kinds of self-defense steel baton?

Here on our website, we have many different kinds of steel batons available as per your requirement. All the available steel batons serve the prevailing purpose of self-defense and help you deal with any kind of harm intended towards you, still, we have a variety to choose from as per your convenience and preference. These various steel batons distinct from each other in terms of a certain feature, may it be its length, or an additional feature of a LED light torch at the top of the baton or the expansion feature or the grip factor or a classic model baton.

How do I use a self-defense steel baton?

A self-defense steel baton is a handy self-defense weapon and because of its portable and commutable nature, it is easy to carry it around. One can carry it in their handbag or backpack and if one decides to buy an expandable steel baton, like our 26 inch rubber handle steel baton, they can easily carry it in a clutch or even the front or back pocket of their trouser as these expandable batons are originally in size of a mere pen. These steel batons are shaped cylindrical, thus providing a natural grip hold and if one decides to buy a baton with an extra grip feature it provides a better hold on the baton.  You can also get a Screw-on LED Light attachment for Telescopic Steel Baton

At a moment with the hint of danger and ill intentions targeted towards you, you can pull out the self-defense steel baton and strike the ill intended at a vital body part such as arm, ribs, skull, and knees; it not only breaks down the ill intentions but also creates a window of opportunity for you to escape the location.

Thus ensuring you your safety and serving its purpose.



DISCLAIMER, RELEASE, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: It is the responsibility of the buyer and not Swat Women to ascertain and obey all applicable laws in regard to the possession and use of our products. Absolutely no sales to minors. By placing an order, the buyer represents that all products purchased will be used in a lawful manner and that he/she is of legal age.


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