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Dummy Cameras

What are dummy Cameras?

Dummy Cameras are fake surveillance cameras that are non-functional basically designed to fool intruders or people in general. They act as a deterrent in public or private places. These set of cameras have fake lenses. Some dummy security cameras with blinking LED sends subliminal messages about the security of the place.

How Does Dummy Camera Work?

The essence of fake security cameras is to give the impression that the present environment is under surveillance or possibly act as a place holder until a real system is put in place. It is important that this dummy looks like the real thing; it should have aluminum housing and wiring to make it look a functional camera which can last years and does not rust.

The presence of a fake surveillance camera can prevent theft, robbery and vandalism. They are a great alternative to a real security system and a cost effective way of preventing crime.

Where to get Dummy Cameras?

If you find yourself needing a fake or dummy camera, it’s important that you read up on the information you can leverage on before going ahead to get one. Dummy Cameras are easy to install and requires little or no maintenance. At swatwomen.com we sell the best fake security camera that caters to your every need. Whether ensure to choose

Why Should I buy a Dummy Camera?

As a business or home owner, security cannot be overemphasized. Crime is daily on the increase, adding a surveillance system can provide a sense of security. If you are on a shoe string budget, you might have to consider buying a dummy outdoor camera. A lot of people use fake cameras and they get great results from them. If a surveillance camera already exists within your property and you would like to boost its effectiveness, a simulated security camera might be a comfortable alternative. Simply ensure the real cameras are placed in the very crucial spots. For instance, if you own a retail store, you might want to place the real cameras at the entrance and exits, in areas of the store where you have really expensive products and over your cash table, then place the dummy or fake cameras in your break rooms or office for an extra security level. As a home owner, you might want to place the real cameras in your front door, drive way and garage while the dummy outdoor camera sits at the garden or within your apartment. Please kindly ensure the fake cameras and the real cameras blend in order for them to work well and people do not notice the difference. It is best to buy dummies that are similar in size, color and style.



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