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Bug Detectors

What is a Bug Detector?

A bug detector is a device that possesses the ability to disable or locate electronic spy equipment like cameras, microphones and global positioning system (GPS) tracking devices. The best bug detectors are usually small and handy, portable and carry multiple display functions which alert the user to a ‘bug’. Simply put, a bug detector is essentially a radio receiver that picks up electromagnetic signals broadcasted from a bug or an electronic device.

How Does Bug Detectors Work?

When a professional bug detector is moved around a nearby object, it picks up an electromagnetic signal from a bug or an electronic device, they hone in on those signals by lighting up, sounding an alarm or both indicating that there’s a bug present. Please note that, in some cases, you may receive a false positive if there’s another RF-transmitting device which is active nearby while you are making your bug sweep.

How many types of Bug detectors are available?

Thereare two main types off Bug detectors; audio and video detectors. The technology behind this is simple and has resulted in ‘bugs’ which are very cost effective. They operate on a lower range of RF, between 1-3 MHz Due to the fact that they come in small sizes, they can be placed anywhere to capture the intended information. In some cases like having a phone conversation, they only need to be placed close to the phone. Audio radio bugs functions by detecting the presence of audio recording equipment while video bugs has the ability to capture to record the activities of the target.

How can I improve my personal security with a Bug Detector?

A bug detector is a device that can act as a hidden camera finder and are small or tiny enough that they can be hidden everywhere. If you are looking to improve your security or for any reason you suspect that someone would be spying on you, you would want to purchase a bug detector to help sniff out any surveillance device that may have been planted within your environment. Shopping for the best bug detector is dependent on the purpose of purchase, where it needs to be used and who uses it? When it’s an issue on your safety, it’s always advisable to buy the best bug detector. There are many people who would want to spy on you both in private and public areas without considering your rights to privacy, in cases like this, a spy bug detector can assist in protecting yourself from being caught on hidden cameras.

Why Bug detectors are Useful?

As an anti-surveillance device, professional bug detector can be found in different shapes and sizes with varying functions.

Bug detectors with more technological advancement can allow you detect any bug in the room and also steal the RF signals. They can also display what is seen on the security camera if the CCTV camera doesn’t make use of any signal encoding.   

The smaller bug detectors can be used in tracking audio bugs in phones or nearby phones. Large bug detectors which are sometimes as large as a briefcase can track spy cameras, audio spy equipment and are equipped with more functions than the smaller ones and they are also more expensive.



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