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Automotive Safety

Why should I get the best auto emergency kit?

Portable emergency survival kits are specifically designed for easy carry around with individuals wherever they might be going. Many of these are even designed as automobile survival kits. These kits can be put in any car and allow people to have emergency preparations in place whenever anything goes wrong. The worst case scenarios are almost never situations that people actually see coming, which makes prior preparation all the more important.

An automobile kit is great because it is automatically designed to be portable, and many are small enough to fit into the glove box, which is much better than having it out of reach in a locked trunk. Most of these will have first aid material, as well as the most basic of signal gear and even some fire starters in case there is an accident or a breakdown out in the middle of nowhere. In this case having the ability to start a fire for warmth and to keep away predators is a major necessity.

What is the motive of using pepper shot with auto visor clip? 

You'll never know what could happen to you. You might be parked at a gasoline station waiting for your friend when someone sneaks to your window and starts harassing you. Many rape issues have occurred inside a vehicle, and in such tight spaces, women barely have any means to fight back.

When you are in your vehicle, you will not be able to reach for the pepper spray holstered to the belt because you would be in a seated position with your seatbelt on. This is one of the little instances where a belt holster is not very useful. To make up for this, you get a visor clip that allows you keep your pepper spray clipped to your sun visor. If anyone is attacking, you simply have to reach up to grab your spray.

Keeping pepper spray in car spaces is another step toward staying safe. The best pepper spray for a car use may yet be the Pepper Shot with Auto Visor Clip due to the face that it has a small design and potent content. The auto visor clip also makes sure it is always within reach.

The Pepper Shot car pepper spray also goes one step beyond due to its mini design and car visor clip.

Is car pepper spray right for self defense?

You're going through a parking lot towards your car. You have your keys in hand set to unlock your car door when from out of noplace a man jumps out and grabs your purse. 

As an inflammatory agent, pepper spray will cause an attacker's eyes to water and close, cause him to cough uncontrollably, and leave him disoriented. It is, however, important to know that to cause these desired results, you must score a direct hit to the facial area. Though pepper spray will slightly irritate any skin from head to toe, only the mucous membranes produce the effect necessary to allow for your escape. The more you know about how to use your weapon, the more likely you are to defend yourself successfully.

Is the best car escape tools easy to use?

The resqueme tools might be kept with you often in the keychain along with your house and car keys. The toolset involves an emergency seat belt cutter and a life hammer to be used in other car emergency situations also. The emergency escape tool can save you if your car doors do not open may be due to an electrical malfunction. Electric door locks may fail to work if you are a victim of a car crash. The keychain escape tool will work to cut yourself out of the car. It allows you also to cut the rear windows and pull a little child out of the back.

The car escape tools ensure a life-saving gift for any event. Emergency situations are always unpredictable. It is more better to be prepared for the worse. Car situation emergencies might come at any time and without any warning. The Best Car Escape Tool can even save the life of a baby locked in the car when a parent goes shopping. The tools work quickly and easily that anyone can use them.

 Why do you need a tool to break car window glass?

With luck, you'll not be trapped in a car to need a tool to break a car window glass from the inside, but if eventually you are, and you don't have the primary tools, your salvation could be right behind your head. You will have to use your car seat's headrest to break your car door window. Automotive glass is built to take a significant direct impact, perpendicular to the plane of the glass, but if you flex or hit it along the edge of the glass, it is more fragile. This strategy will work in a pinch or someone else's car, but for your ride, we would be remiss if we fail to suggest keeping an emergency hammer and seat belt cutter like the one in the glove compartment or even under the passenger seat in case of emergency.

 While driving, I need best car diversion safes. Why? 

Things happen in a car that can lead to irreversible unhappiness. If tempers flare over poor driving, road rage can happen that gets someone killed. Road rage is most common on the fastest interstates in the country. Higher speeds lead to less room for errors, and a mistake can set off unfortunate events.

For these reasons, your family benefits from defense weapons carried in the car. If you don't feel comfortable with a firearm, then a pepper spray canister is highly recommended. Pepper spray comes in different formulations these days.

If you seek a larger range of safety, then consider a pepper spray gun. A Mace gun is probably the most commonly purchased. This device has easy to use canisters that slide right into the rear of the gun's barrel. The canisters contain one ounce of pepper spray. The beauty of the Mace gun is that a 25-foot stream of pepper spray is developed from the pressure in the gun, giving you ample distance from your attacker.

Automobile self-defense includes other important tools as well. The best car diversion safe can be placed in the trunk to hold cash and valuables. The hidden can safe may be made from a can of engine degreaser or lubrication product or other ordinary automobile maintenance product. A thief is unlikely to check the can for a hidden compartment.

What are the auto personal safety products for every woman?

Charged cell phone

First-aid kit

Fire Extinguisher

Three reflective warning triangles

Tire gauge

Foam tire sealant

Jumper cables

Flashlight and extra batteries

What should I know before I buy the best personal safety devices?

Perhaps the first thing that you should know is the type of device or product that you want. Because you are given with several choices, you have to decide on which one will work best for you and to do this; you should have a complete understanding as to how a certain product or device works. Also, you also know the advantages and disadvantages associated with using it. Once you have already decided on the type of the device/product, the next thing that you should consider is the cost and the dealer of the device/product. Normally, personal security appliances/products can be cheap or expensive depending on the features, functionalities, the manufacturer and the quality of the device/product. There is nothing wrong with choosing the cheap ones, but you also need to consider the usability. Most likely, products/devices that cost more have longer usability compared to the cheaper ones. And of course, you have to make sure that you are only doing business with legitimate and authorized dealers near you to avoid any problems. These are the things that you should be aware of before you buy a particular device/product for your safety and security.

What are the legal weapons I can carry for self defense?

KUBOTANS: Although kubotans have been around since the late 1970′s they are probably the most underutilized self-defense weapon. A kubotan is about 5.5 inches long and slightly thicker or the same size as a marker pen. They are usually made of lightweight metal or wood. It is very effective when used against a bony part of the body, such as the bridge of the nose. Use it as a striking tool and jab it into your attacker's solar plexus. Or keep your keys on it and use it as a flailing tool to rake them against your attacker's face. 

In the US, there are few legal restrictions on Kubotans, with the notable exception that they are prohibited as carry-on products for air travelers.

FLASHLIGHT: So how can a simple flashlight be used in self-defense? Have you ever had a light shined directly in your face? How easy was it to see even seconds afterward? Point it right in your attacker's eyes. Human reflex dictates that they will either look away or shield their eyes, giving you a few precious seconds to get away. Of course, flashlights are also useful in illuminating areas that are dark or poorly lit. There are many small flashlights available that you can easily tuck into your purse.

PERSONAL ALARM: a personal alarm can serve three functions. It can attract attention from others, which is something no attacker wants. It can startle your attacker, again, giving you a few seconds to get away. And if you hold it right against their ear, they will turn away or shield themselves, just as they will with the flashlight. If they have a hold on you, this may be all you need to get them to let you go.

Remember, the goal of self-defense is to be able to get away and get to safety. Any and all of these items can help you achieve that goal.



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