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Let Us Be Your Safety Trainer!
We want to be your constant reminder to stay aware and safe through all seasons of life!

Personal security is one of woman's most basic needs. It is the essence of self preservation and as old as life itself. With current events, safety with SWATWomen.com is our number one concern.

Swat Women is pleased to announced the launch of it's website, which contains a wide variety of safety devices and tools for all, especially women. Considering the increase in cases of harassment, attacks and privacy violations towards women, our company has come up with a complete range of safety products which will help women in the event they are in an unsafe situation or possible personal attack.

Everyone knows the security issues faced by women, especially single moms, women who’re working in outside sales, real estate and other jobs where they have to meet random clients, one on one. The idea to establish the company was inspired from personal experiences. It was 3am, situation unknown, my dog needed to pee, walking through the house, I open the side door and immediately his hair was standing straight up! He growled and took off like a bat out of hell. I thought what the what? I looked down and saw paint chips on the ground and I look at the door frame and it looked like someone was prying themselves into my house! My blood boiled and my temperature rose like 30 degrees. I was so pissed and ran and got my gun and went out screaming into my backyard! Hindsight, probably shouldn’t of went after him like a crazy lunatic screaming into the night….but let’s go over how I got to this place.

My girlfriend had a stalker. He would park down the street and follow her to work. He even got so bold to park right next to her. She called me and I told her to call the police! They had previously been called but this time he was to close for comfort. Again they said they can’t do anything until he does something illegal. Parking down the street or following us, or getting bold to park right next to her was okay. Ugh!

I had many sleepless nights. Of course my girlfriend would be asleep by 9pm and sleeping like a baby and never woke up till her alarm went off. haha. My girlfriend slept as peaceful as can be. Any noise and I was up! I found a website and got pepper spray, stun guns, stuff for the car, house and to have on us at all times.

One night it was about 5 in the morning and I opened my eyes like I hadn’t been asleep at all. I heard a text tone and it wasn’t mine. Wasn’t my girlfriends tone either. I then see our dog raise his head and was listening too. I thought okay, what was that! I got up and turned on the lights and started going through the house turning on lights. At this time, my dog started barking and running like he was hearing someone running on the side of the house and in front. When day light came soon later, I investigated the house and found that the storm window was busted and someone was trying to get in. At this point, if it is him and he is trying to get in when we obviously are there and sleeping he has no good intentions if he got in. Even if he wasn’t the one, its the same concept. Anyone that would break in your house in the middle of the night with you and your family there has no good intentions at all. They are good if it turned for the worse.

I got a gun, hired a instructor to give me one on one lessons. I made peace with myself and went through it in my head if it came down to it, could i? Would I? After some meditation and prayer I said, yes I will protect my family! I prepared myself for the worse but hoped for the best. As in these times that we live in, with all that is happening in the world, we hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

I noticed I was settling back in to my life before the stalker. Sleeping fine because I did prepare. House, cars, had something on each of us at all times. I was prepared and that gave me peace of mind. That night, my boy woke me up and he had to pee, I got up half asleep and open the side door and he took off and I took off to get my gun and ran screaming to my back yard like a crazy person. That was the last we ever saw of him. Maybe he realized I had taken enough hearing me scream and go after him. This is when i knew as of now, my life will forever be changed. This world is ever changing and not for the better. Things happen beyond our control. Should we prepare? Hell yes!! Fight and fight for those around you that can’t or haven’t prepared. What I want are all statistics go way down because women are prepared and fighting back. We may not be as strong, but we can arm ourselves with items that can bring them to their knees and have enough time for the cops to get there. I want to be your constant reminder to be aware of your surroundings. When you have covered all your bases, strategically placed items and you feel confident in yourself, I want to empower you even more to stay that way. Like a personal trainer that keeps your fit, I want to be your awareness trainer!

These security products are the need of the hour, for women as well as men who need to protect their family. The modern woman faces security concerns everyday, while going to the office, getting into a cab with a stranger, clubbing and even while walking into an empty parking lot. It’s always better to be cautious by being prepared with the right security devices rather than becoming a victim. These products can ensure the safety of women as well as men because the world is getting full of criminal minds and its time people take charge of their own security. For more information about the products, visit www.swatwomen.com.

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